Knowledge Mining Management Systems

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“  We compress the data to 1/10 of original size and increase retrieval speed by 100 fold and more, resulting in data crunching by a factor of 200 and more and able to present reports / maps / graphs / dashboards over disparate systems.  ”

DXS Content Management System

A clinical decision support solution which, when integrated with a Practice Management or Electronic Medical Record system, presents the provider with daily updated, pinpoint accurate data, relevant to the patient's condition, on both diseases and procedures for both the patient and provider. Information is provided for categories such as patient education, travel, treatment guidelines, news, drug information, support groups and more during the patient/provider encounter.

The Content

DXS provides significant benefits to the recipient of the content (healthcare provider), the providers of the content (stakeholders such as insurers, publishers, pharmaceuticals, facilities etc.) and the patient. Most imporatantly, DXS influences the method of treatment and the spend decision in a particular direction.

DXS contains a range of credible content including but not limited to:

  1. CPT4 descriptions and codes with modifiers and rules
  2. ICD9-CM list with rules and cross-linked to CPT4
  3. Generic and brand drug information categorised by ingredients and ATC classification plus FDA labelling and consumer leaflets
  4. Handouts and illustrations on diseases and procedures for the patient
  5. Global travel advice with guidance on immunizations
  6. Alerts on critical drug recalls and safety changes

There is no limit to the number or type of content categories that can be displayed in DXS. Phase two content includes:

  1. Directory of support groups, physicians, allied health professionals, facilities and more categorised by disease, procedure and locality
  2. Devices database
  3. Information on medical conferences
  4. Audio and audiovisual treatment guidelines and tutorials
  5. Distance learning module for all providers

Accessing the Content

There are three key ways of finding content:

  1. When selecting a CPT4 or ICD9-CM code, DXS alerts the user that additional content is available relevant to the selected codes.DXS retains a fulltime team of coding specialists who create millions of links between CPT4, ICD9 CM and Drugs, Patient Information, Treatment Guidelines and Alerts. This eliminates the vast random results currently experienced with traditional search engines
  2. Searching content directly for drugs, guidelines etc.
  3. Browing the content trees

Updating of Content

DXS has a fulltime team of clinical specialists who maintain and manage the content. This includes continually sourcing best of breed content from credible publishers, ensuring that this content is kept current, constantly improving coding links and sending out alerts. Reacting to needs and recommendations from providers is also seen as key to the success of the services.

Some sources of content are:

  1. CDC- Centre for Disease Control, and numerous sub-agencies such as:
  2. National Institute for Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases
  3. National Cancer Institute
  4. National Eye Institute
  5. National Institute for Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases
  6. FDA - Food and Drug Administration
  7. National Guidelines Clearinghouse
  8. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
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e-Discovery refers to any process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured, and searched often with the intent of using the electronic data as evidence in court cases, production data sets, etc.

Outside of professional review, data processing of electronically stored information (ESI) is the most costly component of the e-Discovery process. In fact, in the USA, more than $1 billion is spent annually on data processing alone. The costs of the e-Discovery process runs at orders of magnitude larger than the ESI costs and can be substantially streamlined using DataCyte's dynamic data viewer, SpydaCyte.

The current economic situation combined with increased legal obligations have made e-Discovery a necessity for corporate legal departments to wrap their arms around data processing and take control of their e-Discovery process.


  1. Web Based system
  2. Real-Time information dashboard
  3. Full security and access rights
  4. Standard and Customised Reporting
  5. Downloadable Reports
  6. Extensible Import Layer
    • Files (PDF, MS Office, Comma-separated, Images)
    • Database Records (MS-SQL, Oracle, DB2)
    • Emails (PST)
  7. Flexible linking functionality
  8. Advanced Search functionality (dates, phrases, etc.)
  9. Classification of imported data (searchable meta-tags)
  10. Review of classified data
  11. Single Federated View of disparate data sources
  12. Easily identify duplicate data
  13. Time-based billing
  14. Easy navigation through the system
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Medical Systems

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“ Patient Centric Philosophy with a strict Treatment Process Flow and assignable responsibility.  ”


The MediCyte Practice Management system is a standalone application that assists the practitioner to receive and send information to and from a Control Server, capture patient information and record patient medical status, treatment details and prescriptions. A further component of the system enables the provision of complete data concerning ICD Codes, CPT Codes, Drugs and complete Patient Information as well as Professional Information concerning diseases, procedures and drugs. The two components interact to form dynamic, controllable treatment protocol and electronic medical record that can be configured to ensure conformance.

The system provides health practitioners with a tool to manage treatment protocols, provide an electronic patient record, and switch relevant data to the related third parties. A data communication layer enables communication between the server and the various Practice Management systems as well as third parties. Further functionality allows practitioners to apply online to become part of the Health Network/Control Server. A network administrator could either approve or reject the practitioner. Upon approval the applicant can either download the software over the internet or a hard installation copy may be used.

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Clinical Trials

“Once in hospital, a patient benefits from information systems that provide the medical staff with more information about the patient’s history, capture the details of care to date, and relieve doctors and nurses of excessive paperwork so that they can spend more time focussing on the patient. This ability to sift through data to develop better medical practices is especially important.” – Bill Gates. The Speed of Thought

The above represents the present general direction of development of Health Care Systems

  1. Organizational-centric
  2. Information-based
  3. Paper replacement based
  4. Providing a forensic – looking into past audit.

The mission of DataCyte is to provide a methodology, as well as the tools required to support that methodology, that provides complete visibility, manageability, accountability and control to the Health Industry.

This is achieved through the ongoing, near real-time collection and distribution, as well as authentication and verification of events and activities pertaining to transactions between all parties involved in the care of a patient.

DataCyte presents a solution that is:

  1. Patient-centric
  2. Transaction-based
  3. Process controlled
  4. Pro-active
  5. Fully Auditable

All relevant transactions are processed to provide users with the ability to define, verify and authenticate actions and events pertinent to any of the transactions. The solution can allow disparate systems and parties to authenticate and track a transaction against a protocol defined within the transaction and not interfere with each party’s existing systems. All events forming the transaction are recorded for purposes of an audit trial, should there be a need to investigate the transaction. The technology used is based on a communication platform architecture that could support multiple protocols.

The platform allows for configurable rules for each transaction which, in turn enabled the transformation from historic data analysis is human intervention to proactive action and immediate response to problem situations which is the key to unlocking value in the Health Care Industry.

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Pathology Laboratory Management and Control System

A management and control system for the day-to-day operations of a small-medium pathology laboratory.


Specimen Tools

  1. Requisition Capture
  2. Resulting
    • Preliminary and Verified
    • Result Ranges per age and gender
    • Dynamic comments based on result range
    • Full audit trail
  3. Outstanding and Completed Specimens
  4. Interfacing with machines

Management Tools

  1. Test Statistics per period
  2. Billing breakdown per period
  3. Reagent Quality Control
  4. Management Lists
    • Tests
    • Test Profiles
    • Locations
    • Practitioners

Pathology Modules

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Haematology
  3. Screening Tests
  4. Endocrinology
  5. Immunology
  6. Serology
  7. Microbiology
  8. Histology
  9. Virology

Result lookup

  1. By Barcode, Patient, Practitioner, Location


  1. Email, Fax, SMS
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Business Process Systems

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“ Authentication of handover of responsibility forms the principle of our design.  ”

Batch Process Control System

A Control and Management System for Batch Records that facilitates the reconciliation of the components of the batch records at key points of handover, thereby providing control of key process areas.

  1. The capturing of existing Batch Records into pre-prepared, controlled page sets that are available at the time of requirement
  2. The implementation of the control, management and reconciliation of the Batch Record page sets and
  3. The provision of visibility of the status of Batches to enable areas of responsibility and accountability to better plan the processing.

Functionality to evolve a paper-based system to a fully electronic Batch Record System with direct control and management of the full production process.

Standard Setup includes:

Specification and implementation of the key data structures and processes required for each of the following:

  1. Batch Record segmentation, indexing and issuance
  2. Handover signoff, authentication, notification and alerts
  3. Batch Record page set management and control
  4. SOP logging and control
  5. Reporting on production status, document progress and finalization

Process and rule building tools required for:

  1. Parallel processes, process splits and joins
  2. Alert notifications
  3. Progress reporting and report printing

Hot-area interface to overlay on the BR image pages

Develop the data structures and related method for:

  1. Users and user control
  2. Fields, tasks and processes
  3. Batch records, page sets and SOPs
  4. Hot spots on PDFs
  5. Interaction with the Document System

Screens for issuance, handover and Batch Record management for interactive testing and feedback.

Screens to:

  1. Issue page sets and complete batch records
  2. Re-issue page sets
  3. Signoff and handover
  4. Receive notifications
  5. Track Batch Records, page sets and production status
  6. Request reports on Production, document status and finalization

Access Control and Security as required by 21 CFR Part 11

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H.R. Systems

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PayStaffOnline (

An online Payroll System, designed to make payroll simple, easy and accessible from anywhere over the internet.


  1. Web Based
  2. Multiple users per company
  3. Multiple companies per user
  4. Yearly tax table updates
  5. Auto generation of SARS tax certificates
    • IRP5, EMP201, etc.
  6. Time and Attendance Module
  7. Employee login module
    • Previous payslips
    • Leave
  8. Automated electronic payment
  9. Detailed employee info
  10. Personalised payslips
    • Company Contributions
    • Loans
    • Allowances
    • Pension Funds
    • Medical Funds
  11. Full security and access rights
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Banking Systems

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“ The Key to the success of our Banking Solutions is the ability to mine ultra large databases in real-time.  ”

PIMS (Personnel Integrity Management System)

DataCyte has developed a Personnel Integrity Management System (PIMS) enabling a single view of disparate databases through its unique collections and importation tools, allowing the data to be linked and searched producing a SpydaCyte view of the required information.


  1. Web Based system
  2. Real-Time information dashboard
  3. Process flow functionality for ease of use
  4. Full security and access rights
  5. Progress Tracking
  6. Easy navigation through the system
  7. All requests are flagged for notification
  8. Customised Reporting
  9. SpydaCyte data mining
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Fraud Application MIS (Management Information System)

DataCyte has developed a Management Information System that tracks and produces periodic reports on fraudulent applications for several products offered by a financial institution. The system is currently hosted on the South African Fraud Prevention Service site ( and is being used by the Fraud and Verification division of Nedbank, a major South African bank.


  1. Web Based system
  2. Real-Time information dashboard
  3. Full security and access rights
  4. Standard and Customised Reporting
  5. Downloadable Reports
  6. Detailed Incident Data (Originator, Product, Fraud Type, etc.)
  7. Executive Summary (Periodic)
  8. Progress Tracking
  9. Easy navigation through the system
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Fraud Prevention

DataCyte has developed a tool which is currently being used by several major South African financial institutions to identify possible fraudulent applications by suspicious persons and syndicates. The tool is hosted on the South African Fraud Prevention Service site (


  1. Web Based system
  2. Real-Time information dashboard
  3. Full security and access rights
  4. Detailed Incident Data (Subject, Incident Details, Fraud Type, etc.)
  5. Advanced Search functionality
  6. SpydaCyte View
  7. Easy navigation through the system
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Niche Product Systems

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